Ne-Yo Smith
Bullying Survivor
Male | Mableton, GA   United States
Bullied for thinning hair
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: ParaParadise
10/29/12 10:01 AM
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Ne-Yo's obsession with hats stems from his childhood - the R&B singer was bullied at school for his thinning hair.

The Closer hit-maker is rarely seen in public without his trademark trilby or cap and the 30 year old reveals there is a longstanding explanation for the headgear.

He tells Britain's Live From Studio Five, "My initial hat wearing thing started when I was very, very young - I was still in high school. All the men in my family started losing their hair really, really young so my hair started thinning around 15 and you know, high school children can be very, very cruel.”

"So I started wearing hats because of that but then as time progressed and I started developing my thick skin it didn't really matter anymore what people thought, but at that point a hat felt normal. Now I feel naked without one."

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Posted By: Gabriella07 | 10/29/12 1:59 PM
Hair or no hair this man has such a goooood voice
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Name: Ne-Yo Smith
Age: 40
Country: United States
Location: Mableton, GA
Gender: Male
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