Ashley Margolis
Bullying Survivor
Male | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Bullied for being Jewish
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: NonCells
10/25/12 9:26 AM
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"Everyone gets teased from time to time, sometimes over pointless things, but my friends and I were picked on because we were Jewish. I went to an all boys’ school and lads a couple of years above would spread rumours about us, and sometimes make jokes. Once, there was a penny on the floor and they told me to pick it up hinting I was cheap. A lot of the time I’d laugh along with them, but there were times I used to get really mad. A lot of people experience racist bullying but I tried not to take it personally because I didn’t want to show the bullies their teasing hurt me. So I ignored it. I didn’t tell anyone and they soon got bored because they weren’t getting a reaction and backed off. If bullies hurt people to make themselves feel better, they should think how they treat one another because maybe then they'll stop. I'm very lucky, I’ve come out a stronger person because of it."

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Posted By: FeltPain | 11/07/12 2:01 PM
Its so silly to be teased over your religion honestly with all of the religions out there whos to say who is right or wrong just leave together and this ongoing cheap reference that is constantly made about jewish people is just vile and should be taken more seriously. Its a good thing this young man had the strength to endure the punishment and not another sad story we have to read about in the news about another troubled teen taking their own life.
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