Ruth Brown
Bullying Survivor
Female | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Hid in the music room
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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10/12/12 9:42 AM
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BULLIED singer Ruth Brown is praying The Voice helps turns her life around after years of bad luck, including the death of her dad last year.

She won through to the live rounds on last night’s show after be*ting 5 Star singer Denise Pearson in the Battle Rounds.

But despite her confident stage presence, Ruth described how years of bullying followed by her dad’s sudden death had taken their toll.

She said: “So many bad things have happened I feel it’s my turn for something good. I keep thinking things can only get better.”

Things got so bad that Ruth sought counselling after a gang of school bullies made her life a living hell. Police were also called after months of relentless abuse.

Then her father Lloyd Johnson was diagnosed with stomach cancer in November 2010, dying just days before Christmas last year.

His funeral was two days after Ruth’s first blind audition when she wowed the judges.

An emotional Ruth, who sang Alicia Keys’ No One last night, said: “I know my dad is proud of me. There’s a line in the Alicia song that says, ‘everything’s going to be all right’.

“When my dad died last year, we all sat around his hospital bed singing Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds with the lyrics, ‘Every little thing gonna be all right’.

“I tried to get meaning from that and sing about my dad.”

Ruth, 20, from West Norwood, south London, is now one of the favourites to make the final after joining Tom
Jones’ team last week.

She said: “I used to get bullied so I would hide in the music room and eat and sing in there.

“People didn’t like me and picked on me because I liked to sing.

“There was name calling, they hit me, ganged up on me. There was a group of about ten kids who used to intimidate me and threaten me. I ended up having counselling and used to cry about it. But in the end it made me stronger.”
Ruth has previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor with little success.

But she now looks certain to have the last laugh on her bullies – and on Simon Cowell.

She added: “The one thing I would say to people being bullied is to remember things aren’t your fault.

“The bullies are the ones with the problem, not you. Don’t give up on what you believe.”

Meanwhile, former 5 Star singer Denise, 43, has vowed to record a solo album with

Despite being on Tom Jones’ team, she revealed: “When I left I told Will to call me. I left him a note with my address on, my home number, my mobile number.

“I will record an album with him.

“Whatever I need to do to make it happen I’m going to do.”

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Posted By: NoseBleedSection | 10/16/12 3:33 PM
Her bullied past has given her that soulful voice we all love to listen to
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