Cossette Livingston
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Chronicle of The Girl From Watts
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: CossetteM*rders
10/11/12 7:01 PM
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hey there its the co-founder of WINC my experience was a lot of bullying,wrongful accusations and ridicule i was often bullied a lot in elementary school and was often physical and verbal abuse from my peers calling me ugly, weird, fat, black , and retarded they threw rocks shoved me down the stairs and banged my head against the bathroom floor the whole time calling me retarded when in reality i have the highest scores in my grade level i wasn't fat i was as thin as a rail weird because i often discussed Anne Rice, Edgar A. Poe, and Frida Kahlo with my teachers me being made fun of was because i was quiet and antisocial i was suicidal at that time i cut i burned i purged i had an eating disorder at the age of 10 yet no one noticed i was alone and i felt it was better that way i wont have to
burden anyone with my life anymore so i stayed silent one day all of that pent up anger finally came through and i ended up putting a girl in the hospital been expelled and felt great a new start was exactly what i needed and so i did people would constantly spread rumors about me calling me a wh*re just because i spent most of my time with boys i didn't really liked girls much i felt like 100% dude and i liked it that way i began to date my best friend Elmer and things went well until he broke my heart so i made a vow to shatter every guys heart the way mine was now that created the "tease" i am today they all still want what they can't have that was when i met my bf i was with for five years almost six on my birthday i was faithful to this one guy for five long years and he finally screwed up on 4*25*12 we almost made it he proposed a year ago and i accepted like a f*cking idiot but now i see what hes been doing for the past five years and it makes me happy that he screwed up then i wouldn't have met the most amazing guy right now i lost my best friend that very same day just call it a double whammy on my heart and brain not a good day for me they accused me of pushing a girl into the street to get hit by a car when i was in my teachers classroom the whole time "Blame her nobody cares about her they would believe it you know what they say about the quiet ones." those words hunted and k*lled each other in my head for the rest of my middle school life all of these experiences have molded and shaped who i am today all of the bad is necessary for the flames of the good to burn the brightest casting away all signs of darkness.

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Posted By: Spunky | 10/15/12 10:25 AM
Your bullying experiences have turned you into a warrior and you made up your mind that they wouldnt turn you into the victim and I applaud you for that. What tips do you have for a girl your age going through something similar and needs the strength to overcome it? What makes you strong enough to push forward when so many feel it is a losing battle?
Posted By: CossetteM*rders | 10/18/12 7:39 PM
for me it was just the simple fact that these people in my life can either help me or hurt me but at the end of the day i only have my family and myself in my corner and sure i did some things that made my parents proud but i just know ultimately i live my life for myself everyone who has been a part of my life are just the characters in painful, joyful, humorous, confusing, and annoying chapters of my life. Dont live your life to please others do it for yourself i mean after all they are just the characters in your chronicle, but some will appear more often than others. Remember That.
Posted By: NoseBleedSection | 10/16/12 3:57 PM
What is WINC?
Posted By: DirtRd | 10/17/12 12:33 PM
Just because one guy broke your heart doesnt mean that you wont find a guy that really loves you. Breaking hearts will not make you feel better it will only bring your mood down. You are a very strong minded girl and you will go very far if you learn to harness your frustration into motivation.
Posted By: CossetteM*rders | 10/18/12 7:25 PM
I know that now. Breaking hearts didn't make me feel better it was just a burning reminder of what happened to me it made me want to make everyone feel the pain I've felt but deep down inside i hated myself for doing that. Now I'm leading a happy productive life and yes i am harnessing my frustration into motivation.
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Name: Cossette Livingston
Age: 25
Country: United States
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Profession: Student
Education level: High school
University: N/A
Ethnicity: Bi-racial or Mixed
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 148
Tattoos: Yes

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