Jacob McAtee
Bullying Survivor
Male | Tipton, IA   United States
Mother Starts Movement to Help Bullied Son
Bullying Type: Emotional
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10/09/12 7:43 AM
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TIPTON, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- A Tipton mother is on a mission to stop bullying in her son's school.

Tania McAtee and her son Jacob talk about his day at the table. Though she knew Jacob has had issues before at school, she couldn't know what he wasn't telling her.

"I was too worried about surviving than telling," Jacob said.

Bullies continued to pick on him -- in middle school for being fat, and as a freshman and now sophomore at Tipton, for being gay.

"I was called 'fag'," he said. "People would chant 'fag' when I was walking down the hallway."

It broke his mother's heart.

"I wanted to turn the frustration and I guess maybe anger into something positive," Tania said.

So Tania started a Facebook group that provides resources for families, and within a month, received nearly 2000 followers.

She turned the city orange, creating T-shirts, ribbons and flyers.

"I just want to be able to protect a child," Tania said.

But the exposure came at a cost.

"The death threats that night," Jacob said.

A group of minors called Jacob's house and threatened to k*ll him.

"When a call like that comes in, we're going to take it seriously," Tipton Police Chief Heath Holub said.

Police eventually found and charged one of the minors with 1st degree harassment.

The school district says it does not allow bullying and is in the process of training all its teachers on how to deal with bullies.

"None of us like this. None of us want this," Superintendent D*ck Grimoskas said.

The movement started here around a kitchen table and is already giving Jacob hope.

"I thought it was just me out there," Jacob said.

And it opened his eyes to the truth about bullies.

"They, they are just as scared as you are," Jacob said.

Source: http://www.fox28iowa.com/shared/newsroom/top_stories/videos/kfxa_vid_12869.shtml

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