Adele Adkins
Someone Being Bullied
Female | New York, NY   United States
Bullied by Gaga fans
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: weekly
10/02/12 9:41 AM
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Adele is being bullied by Lady Gaga fans who are showing themselves to truly be monsters as they attack the British singer for her weight and other things.

As if poor Adele didn't have enough problems with her vocal cord surgery, she now has to deal with relentless bullying because fans of Lady Gaga are upset that Adele is the best-selling artist in the world -- narrowly be*ting out Gaga.

Some of the mean-spirited Twitter comments about Adele include "Confirmed: Gaga will not be wearing her meat dress because she is afraid Adele will eat it," and "I've got the right order, baby, I was born this weight."

While it's one thing to be supportive of a your favorite artist or singer it's another thing entirely to bully another artist because he or she is more successful. Bullying is so common these days, that it seems people have no qualms about partaking in it, no matter who it is they hurt.

Of course, Lady Gaga is going on damage control by having a spokesperson say "Lady Gaga does not approve of bullying anyone for their physical appearance, it goes against everything she stands for. A tiny handful of fans may be letting her down."

That's an understatement. Lady Gaga fans should be ashamed of themselves, especially after the singer herself has been so committed to stop bullying. Would she actually be proud that her fans are taking such measures to defend her? Probably not.

So before you start to bully Adele because you prefer Lady Gaga, think first of what Gaga herself would want you to do.**

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Posted By: Awareness | 10/03/12 2:17 PM
She is such a beautiful girl and it hurts to see her bashed like this when she doesnt deserve it
Posted By: LoubellUser Verified | 1/17/13 10:34 AM
i agree with you, she is such a beautiful person.
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