Cliff Richards
Bullying Survivor
Male | United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Gang beaten in school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Flocker
9/25/12 11:36 AM
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I looked different and I came from a different background, and as soon as people realised I came from India, the other young kids kept saying "when are you gonna go back to your wigwam?".

I used to get jumped on regularly and had to just fight back all the time. There were groups of kids that would gang up on me, and that happened a lot, to start with.

I remember rubbing one boy's hand raw to the bone on the ground, after being jumped on by four of them or something like that - it makes me cringe to think of it - but when you're in a situation like that, who knows what we could do? Could you shoot somebody if they were about to knife you? Could you shoot somebody or knife somebody who was about to k*ll your child? The answer is probably yes - it's a fact of life. But it's not something I think I'd want to whole-heartedly recommend.**.html

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