Kristi larsen
Bullying Survivor
Female | New York, NY   United States
who you think is your best friend turns out to be your worst nightmare
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: kristi
9/24/12 5:00 PM
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on November 23 i lost my favorite 19 year old cousin died of a sudden heart attack , later that month is when it started
i was fundraising for the live like Susie foundation when Alexa came up to me and said you can stop fundraising she is dead and she is never coming back so forget her and move on, so i ran and i cried because it was only the 5th week that she was gone , so i was just extremely upset so than it kept going on with us fighting and to think we where ever best friends so a month later she splits me and my best friend friend ship up so later that night i called my friend and we worked things out , so we got back together as friends,so Alexa got so mad that we where friends again now every popular girl in my school knows about my cousin.

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Posted By: EnoughIsEnough | 9/24/12 6:04 PM
I know exactly what you are going through, the best thing I found is to move on the friendships that you have, that are not so strong. If you have to fight for friendship then it really wasnt a friendship at all. Friends stand by you and stand up for you, along with always being there for you, no matter how small to how big it is. When someone brings up your cousin, say a positive thing about the situation, and turn a negative into a good thing. Friends should love everything about you, and know you have flaws along with bad days that go with happy days. Hang in there, you are a strong person, and your cousin is always in your heart and around you in spirit. <3
Posted By: HighDuty | 9/25/12 1:31 PM
Dont ever let someone make you feel bad for having a foundation.You are doing a very commendable thing for a lost member of your family and a tragic loss with your cousin being only 19. In the future when you are doing something that means something to you and you get bullied you have to stand up for your beliefs and tell them if they dont like it then they can leave you alone because you dont have time for their hate.
Posted By: visitor | 9/26/12 2:48 PM
Are you still fundraising for your cousin's death?
Posted By: Binder | 10/10/12 3:28 PM
Can people make donations or have you stopped it?
Posted By: kristi | 10/27/12 8:33 AM
well actually i am u can go onto and make donations from there and leave comments
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