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Sandilands says he is considering legal action against Facebook page
Bullying Type: Emotional
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9/21/12 6:38 AM
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RADIO shock jock Kyle Sandilands says he is considering legal action against a critical online campaign, saying it is like being cyber bullied.

Sandilands told his radio show that listeners wanted to sue his many vocal online critics.

Ballarat mum Kate Drury, who runs the Facebook page Sack Vile Kyle, said she wasn't worried about Sandilands' threats.

"He's all talk," she said.

"As a group we have been really careful to avoid repeating the same sort of bullying behaviour that Kyle uses.

"We are very upset that Kyle continues to publicly point the finger at us and call us haters and trolls. We are not trolls. We are teachers, business people and parents.

"We don't hate Kyle. We hate the behaviour.

"When he describes us as haters he is making us targets for his fans who bully and abuse us, following his example."

Ms Drury said Sandilands was being bullied online but not by her action group, which started after Sandilands made his well publicised remarks about journalist Alison Stephenson last year and now has more than 200 members.

Ms Drury said the aim of the page wasn't to provide a forum for anti-Kyle chat, but to lobby for 2Day FM to sack Sandilands and co-host Jackie O from their top-rating program or, at the very least, bring in tighter rules governing their behaviour.

Ms Drury said she continued to contact the radio station and its sponsors to complain about Sandilands' behaviour, but did not believe her behaviour was in any way bullying.

She said Sandilands had good cause to claim he was being bullied online as there was no shortage of vitriolic tweets and hateful Facebook forums.

But Ms Drury said her group would not tolerate any sort of personal attacks against Sandilands.

"I actually feel really sorry for Kyle," she said. "He looks like a very sad and lonely person.

"I think he is only fulfilling the role that he is being paid to do.

"He's just being used and exploited.

"If his show was on late at night I wouldn't have a problem with it. But this is on in the afternoon, when a lot of kids listen to it.

"When he makes fun of a disabled child saying its a spider baby he's making kids think it's OK to speak about people this way. All we want is for Austereo to take some responsibility.

"After he made those comments about Alison Stephenson he was given 15 minutes of decency training. Fifteen minutes to change a lifetime of behaviour."

Sandilands did not wish to comment any further on the matter.


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