Jack Black
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Had to change schools
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: mirror7
9/05/12 12:01 PM
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Actor Jack Black explained in an interview with Howard Stern that he had to change schools in from the trouble he was involved in high school. He started running with the wrong crowd and begin stealing from his mother to buy cocaine. His parents didnt know that he was running with a bad crowd in school which resulted in his dr*g use and bullying. He was bullied in high school by a kid named Brock. Black explains that this bully would beat him up constantly because Jack had made out with his girlfriend and the bully be*t him regularly for it. He told his parents that he needed to be transferred to another school because he feared for his safety so Black's parents sent him to the school for troubled youth called Poseidon in LA. After spending some time there Black enrolled in the Crossroads school for the arts. There he finally escaped his bullies and now the rest is history.

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Posted By: JJknapp | 9/06/12 3:04 PM
Jack Black is one of the funniest guys around. His facial expression crack me up every time.
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