Raven Symone
Bullying Survivor
Female | Atlanta, GA   United States
Bullied for being on TV
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: flashy
8/29/12 10:35 AM
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“Let’s just say that I don’t take bullying for too long. I retaliate after a while. I k*ll them with kindness for as long as possible until they hit that button, and then…here’s my thing: when I went to school I was really nice to everyone. It wasn’t my fault that people didn’t like me. Before I started at the school, the principal came on the intercom and said, “We have a new student. She was on The Cosby Show and Hanging with Mr. Cooper, and if you ask for her autograph you’ll get detention.” The whole school thought that I was the one that told him to say that. I get there and there’d be people eyeing me before they even knew me. So I would stick to myself. I wasn’t that popular. So I sat with what they called the outcasts -- they weren’t really outcasts, they just weren’t popular. We sat in the lunchroom together. After like four years people did warm up to me, but there would always be some people who, if I didn’t talk to them, would be like, “You’re acting that way because you’re on television.” I’m like, “You don’t know me, so don’t pull out that card!” It’s not cool, because I’m not like that. If I wasn’t on television I’d be the same person.”


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Name: Raven Symone
Age: 36
Country: United States
Location: Atlanta, GA
Gender: Female
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