Ashley G.
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Hollister, CA   United States
Middle-Schooler Uses Facebook for Gossip Page
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Kris10
8/28/12 8:04 AM
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HOLLISTER, Calif- Cesar Santiago is no stranger to bullying. A father of three, he's heard all the name calling and even remembers getting bullied when he was a kid. "I would get bullied because I was bigger," said Cesar.

But today, cyber bullying puts a whole new twist to the harassment. "Cyber bullying is worse than the type of bullying we had. The type we had it was from someone you knew with a group of people, now cyber bullying takes that to a whole new level," said Cesar.

Cesar's daughter goes to Rancho San Justo middle school one of the two schools involved in a facebook gossip page. The other school is Maze Middle School.

The Facebook page is called Gossip Rage and had comments making fun of other students and rumors with names of victims. Hollister police heard about the page Sunday by a neighborhood watch program and began working to get these pages down. They even contacted the Facebook Security Division about the matter.

"You certainly don't want to trample on someone's own free speech rights, but you also want to make sure that as a community these things that are going to be said aren't going to effect the school," said Police Chief David Westrick.

Wh*ever started the page eventually took them down today, posting an apology to all the victims saying she takes everything back. And police said she didn't identify herself but used the pen-name, "Ashley G."


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