"Dear Bully" letter
Male | Tallahassee, FL   United States
I am a winner
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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8/27/12 1:06 PM
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I am only writing you today to inform you of how happy I am today. I forgive you for all those times in school where you hit me and pushed me to the ground. I forgive you for the times you would try to make me look bad in front of my girlfriend and all of my friends. I have a family now and have had a great career surrounded by greatness and lving my dreams. You taunted me for all my high school years and made me feel like I wasnt capable of winning when there is guys like you in the world. Now I know that regardless of guys like you who only try to bring people down in order to make yourself look better that I will succeed. I will always push forward and never let anyone like you ever effect my judgement or goals. I used your bullying as a way to fuel myself to success. It worked Colin because I had a lot of fuel to burn. I forgive you for all the bad things you ever said and did to me in high school because I am in a better place now and I understand now how guys like you operate. I forgive you for everything, but I will never forget.

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