Raymond Ravin
Bullying Survivor
Male | Malaysia   Malaysia
Couldn't Teach My Brother How to Step Up
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Raymond
8/18/12 9:15 AM
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Being raised in a family where both mum and dad was abusive towards one another and towards the me verbally and physically affected my confidence and made me a passive boy at school... where i became an easy target for other students and teachers. Crying was a daily ordeal in school. It saddens me and breaks me from within to even see my younger brother being bullied before my eyes and i hadn't the courage to stand up for him... i was broken inside. It was in my personal search for identity and true manhood in God that my heart was restored. For once, i could properly teach my youngest brother how to fight right, defend himself and yet stand in the principals' office without fear. It wasn't blind, crazy fighting. It was fighting for defence with strategy and to build his courage, I got him a pair of boxing gloves and a target and we trained to 'Rockys' theme song. I told not to hate the bullies cause this is their foolish outlet to their own abuses and not to fight with rage but to fight to defend oneself like a man and seeking the help of authorities after that. My youngest brother won his fights agains the bullies. They now fight him no more. Truth was i could fight for myself too and i'm not afraid to do so.

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Posted By: dizzyspells | 8/28/12 4:37 PM
You are a great brother and a better role model
Posted By: Raymond | 9/07/12 5:28 AM
Thanks dizzyspells. It took me a long time through reading, learning from other men and the most importantly, being healed from it. It was many healing journeys and it gets deeper every time. Truth is my parents, till now, never changed, still abusive. But i did. God was a big part of it through the cross... which was the ultimate bully. Now, even my parents can't bully me. I loved them but when abuses are hurled, i calmly tell them, thats not true and i'm not hearing this and i walk away.
Posted By: WhaleWhatcher | 9/10/12 3:26 PM
Best thing you can do is have children of your own and correct the mistakes that your parents made so they have a better life than you and your brother :)
Posted By: Awareness | 10/03/12 2:03 PM
I hope you have children of your own one day and prove to your parents and yourself that you can raise a child without the verbal and physical assaults. Now you understand that a child just wants to be loved and I think that will make you a wonderful father. In the meantime keep your eye on your brother.
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