Martyn Lewis
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
Developed a stammer
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: wales
8/14/12 12:10 PM
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LEWIS was born in Swansea, the son of a chartered quantity surveyor and a nurse, and grandson of the general manager of the town's grandest department store, who had started there as a teaboy. It was a prosperous and secure background, and Lewis grew up with every reason to believe that the world was a decent place.

At 11, Lewis changed schools and was bullied for being fat, which caused him to develop a stammer. When his parents responded by moving him to another school (the family had by this time moved to Portrush, Northern Ireland), the stammer disappeared. But, gutsily sensible as ever, he took up acting and became a leading light in the debating society to make sure it did not come back. At 14, and still fat, he thought: 'Come on, Lewis] Get your act together]' and took up circuit training and weightlifting until he made the rugby team.**.html

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Posted By: SoRight | 8/15/12 10:55 AM
Poor guy, you would have to be bullied a lot to develop a stammer
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Name: Martyn Lewis
Age: 77
Country: United States
Location: New York, NY
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