Caroline Stillman
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
6ft 4in girl who was bullied for being too tall
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Kris10
8/14/12 9:30 AM
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A girl who endured years of name-calling and even physical abuse because of her height has had the last laugh against school bullies - as she's now eyeing a career as a model.

Caroline Stillman, who was 6ft 4 by the age of 13, was once forced to become home-schooled because of the daily torrent of abuse she received from malicious pupils.

But now aged 20, the pretty blonde says she is finally happy with her size and has even been approached by model scouts who think she'd be perfect for the catwalk.

Caroline's height is due to Marfan syndrome, a rare condition that affects the body's connective tissues. Marfan syndrome is genetically inherited so Caroline's height is not unusual in her family.

Her mother, Sarah, is 6ft, and her brother Sam, 24, who also inherited the condition, is 6ft 7.

But while Caroline was always at ease with her height at her home in Leicestershire, at school it was a different story.

She was called a 'giant' and 'giraffe legs' and was once even pinned to a table by two girls who put chewing gum in her hair. Even after she was pulled out of school by her mum, she was still tormented when girls sent her vicious messages online.

Caroline told Closer her self-esteem improved at the age of 16 after she started college to study for a media diploma and made new friends.

'I felt more independent and that’s when I grew into my looks,' she said. 'My friends taught me about make-up and, on nights out, I started to get compliments from lads – especially about my long legs.'

Caroline, who is currently single, said she is still getting used to being complimented rather than insulted for her height.

'When I was young, kids were so mean and boys didn’t look at me. I never thought anyone would call me model material – or sexy!' she said.

The student said her only problem now is finding fashionable sh*es to fit her size 11 feet. But this shouldn't be a problem for long as she's currently doing a course on footwear design in London.

So perhaps a career as a sh*e designer could beckon - unless the scouts get their way and a modelling career takes off first.

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