Laura Summers
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Model called Pinocchio & Dumbo by school bullies spends £60k on plastic surgery
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Kris10
8/13/12 2:12 PM
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A staggering 88 per cent of women admitted recently that they would change some element of their body using plastic surgery if they could afford it.

But for hard-working model Laura Summers, money is no barrier. As a result, she has spent £60,000 on multiple plastic surgery procedures - completely transforming her appearance.

She has had a nose job, breast enhancement and lip fillers, among other procedures. She has also had her ears pinned back, and relies on cosmetic 'top-ups' like Botox.

Such is her addiction to transforming her appearance, she says she would rather have another boob job than pay her mortgage.

The young model, who was bullied at school over her looks, appeared on This Morning to discuss the beneficial effect she says surgery has had on her life.

Laura says before procedures she was 'bitter' about what she was given naturally.

'I wanted to make myself a better person within and to do that I felt that I needed to change outside first. It worked - I felt like I really improved my life.'

'I was bullied a lot when I was younger,' she says. 'I felt so unattractive. I was on the overweight side. My nose was big, and the children called me Pinocchio. They called me Dumbo because my ears stuck out.

'It made me feel so insecure. They were things I was born with - I couldn't help it. Laura was 18 when she had her first surgery - a nose job.

'My parents weren't happy at first,' she says. 'They were really against it. They have a 'no surgery' rule. They believe you should be happy with what born with.

'I had to fight with them as well as my inner self.'

Laura says that of course the surgery hurts - and photographs of her horrifically swollen lips post-surgery attest to that fact - but that her philosophy is no pain, no gain.

'Yes, some hurt. But I have a high pain threshold,' she says. 'No pain no gain. I just kept looking at the bigger picture and what it would bring to my life to have the surgery.'

'It costs money - but you have to work your behind off in life to get what you want.

'If you want something, go out there and get it.'

Laura says that after nine operations she is finally satisfied with her appearance.

'I look in the mirror and I like myself,' she admits now.

'I am happy when I look in the mirror. I have great friends and family who say "Oi! Enough now".

'I've had a bit of maintenance, the odd bit of Botox. I'm not the type who wants to look "filled."'

'I like the fact that I can surprise people now,' says Laura. 'They think, "she's got big boobs, blonde hair - she'll be a hussy." But I am quite intellectual, I shock people.

'It gives me a buzz that people think I'm a nice person. I break the stereotype because people don't expect it.'

'It's why I got out of it and got into campaigning for women's positive body image instead,' she says.

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Posted By: SoRight | 8/15/12 10:55 AM
I think you have the right to do anything that will make you feel better about your own body
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