Tom Arnold
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Wanted bullied to like him
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: walkins
8/13/12 10:27 AM
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Arnold drew from his experiences as a victim of child neglect and abuse,bullying, and cyber defamation. He recalled that his school days were so centered around intimidation that he ended up wanting the bullies to like him.However, he credits a teacher for encouraging him to pursue acting, giving him the courage to break out of the dynamics of bullying and succeed in an unexpected way.**-Apr-2010+BW**

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Posted By: SUPERMOM | 8/14/12 2:48 PM
Tom played the school teacher in the Columbine shooting that was k*lled for protecting the students. If you havent seen it then I recommend it for you because its some of his best work.
Posted By: SoRight | 8/15/12 10:57 AM
I just saw him on the Roseanne roast and he said some pretty touching things about her and you can tell he has a very big heart.
Posted By: thelastone | 8/20/12 4:09 PM
Saw that too! Hilarious! I cant believe how tense the room was when he walked on stage
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Name: Tom Arnold
Age: 63
Country: United States
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