Someone Being Bullied
Male | Provo, UT   United States
I get bullied
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: schoolisscary
8/09/12 11:59 AM
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My bullys names are Seth and Garrett and I hate them.They have been mean to me since I became a new student after I moved to Utah.My first day they woud walk up behind me and step on the back of my sh*e so it would come off my foot.One time it made me trip and he took my sh*e and threw it so I got my sock dirty and full of rocks.I told him he was stupid for doing that and he pushed me really hard.I told on them and they got in trouble but the teacher yelled at me and said to stay away from them so I said I will.They do still try to bully me by stepping on my shows and bumping me hard with their shoulders and calling me crybaby.My older brother told me that I should fight them but I never was in a fight and I dont want to fight 2 people.My brother says its easy if I do it but he doesnt know that I am scared of them and I dont want to tell him.I dont tell my parents so I just dont say anything when I want to but I dont want them to come to my school.I think one kid was in 8th grade so now he wont be there next year but Garrett is a 7th grader and he will be there and I dont like that.I think you should not bully kids because I am bullied and its not fun if its you so just stop it.

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Posted By: Kisses09 | 8/13/12 2:11 PM
Utah is the state that Mormons are from so I would expect a lot nicer kids there
Posted By: SUPERMOM | 8/14/12 2:31 PM
Wow I just had some flasbacks when you said they step on your sh*es. I had a girl that used to do that to me as well. It seemed like every day I would have to sit down and put my sh*e back on because she would step on it. The kids that do this are just seeking attention and dont care how they get it even if it means at someones expense. You want a quick solution that could help some days? Make it a sandals day :)
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