Cindy Crawford
Bullying Survivor
Female | Palm Beach, FL   United States
Bullied for bra ads in high school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: arrows
8/02/12 11:31 AM
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The supermodel life may look a breeze, but Cindy Crawford has revealed that starting out in fashion world when she was still at school made her the perfect target for bullies.

"I was introduced to the local photographer who took some cheesy test shots of me," she explains. "Some girls at school found out, called me and said they were from a local store in our town, saying they wanted me to model for them. I showed up for the interview and the woman there said she knew nothing about it. I was so humiliated and I walked out and saw four girls from high school pointing and laughing."

My very first job was in a Chicago. I'm from a small town 60 miles west of Chicago called DeKalb, Illinois. I started modeling with an agency there and the first job they got me was for bras for Marshall Fields, which is a department store in Chicago. And of course it was one hour booking. It was for the newspaper ad. When you do lingerie, it's kind of a big deal to decide to do that. I think I was 16 or 17 at time. It wasn't a Victoria Secret sexy bra; it was a Cross Your Heart bra. It ended up plastered all over my high school, which was somewhat humiliating. But when you do lingerie you make time and a half. So I was like, "Do you know how much I made? I made $150 to make that picture." So that kind of shut everyone up.

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Posted By: CrazyLove | 8/02/12 4:19 PM
Now those little girl can eat their heart out while they see how you are STILL one of the most beautiful women in the world
Posted By: Dreamer | 8/07/12 3:38 PM
She looks just as good now as she did in high school. She is seriously blessed
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