Claire Danes
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied as a child, Claire Danes developed a twitch
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Kris10
8/01/12 7:33 AM
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Claire Danes was bullied so badly she developed a twitch.

The 33-year-old actress - who is expecting a baby with husband Hugh Dancy - admits she struggled during her school days because of one girl in particular who enjoyed making her life miserable.

She said: "There was one troubled girl who would get very excited about the idea of torturing me. I did struggle. In junior high I really struggled. It was just agony, truly. I lived in constant fear. I got a twitch because of it, and then I just removed myself from any normal social situations."

Despite her troubles, Claire Danes went to college, but although she only stayed for two years she is glad to have gone as it taught her to trust other women again.

She added in an interview with Britain's GQ magazine: "I could truly have gone through life thinking that women were these venomous creatures. Turns out, they're not."

However, her two years were fun, and she even got briefly involved with dr*gs.

Asked if she ever smoked marijuana, she said: "Yeah I did, I did. I mean, after a while it gets a bit boring though, to be honest. It gets a bit monotonous."


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Posted By: MizzBaker | 8/01/12 4:03 PM
That must have been a very mean girl to develop a twitch from her bullying, wow. Congrats on the pegnancy and good luck!
Posted By: CrazyLove | 8/02/12 4:21 PM
That explains why she played such a good outcast in my so called life. You have such a beautiful smile so dont ever stop smiling
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