Billy Joel
Bullying Survivor
Male | Sag Harbor, NY   United States
Learned boxing to defend himself
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: musical
7/27/12 12:56 PM
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His interest in music, rather than sports, was a source of teasing and bullying in his early years. (He has said in interviews that his piano instructor also taught ballet. Her name was Frances Neiman, and she was a Juilliard trained musician. She gave both classic piano and ballet lessons in the studio attached to the rear of her house, leading neighborhood bullies to mistakenly think he was learning to dance.) As a teenager, Joel took up boxing so that he would be able to defend himself. He boxed successfully on the amateur Golden Gloves circuit for a short time, winning twenty-two bouts, but abandoned the sport shortly after having his nose broken in his twenty-fourth boxing match.

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Posted By: BestFriend | 7/31/12 12:52 PM
Love you Billy, saw you in Atlantic city several years ago and I have always been a huge fan.You are so amazing
Posted By: CrazyLove | 8/02/12 4:22 PM
Im glad that boxer broke his nose or we would have never seen his musical talents. Huuuuge fan Billy Lots of love
Posted By: Camels | 8/23/12 2:15 PM
haha me too Billy I know you wish your nose didnt get broken but it made you a star :)
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Name: Billy Joel
Age: 73
Country: United States
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