Steven Tyler
Bullying Survivor
Male | Boston, MA   United States
Teased about his lips in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: present
7/25/12 10:56 AM
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His childhood in New York doesn't sound so great, he was a hyperactive little kid, and got called "n****r lips" at his school

Steven was getting drunk at a very young age, he used to put liquor in his orange juice, to be better able to face the bullies, so it's not surprising that he soon got into dr*gs as well. In fact, he also did some small time dealing, to make money to buy dr*gs with. He and his friend, Ray Tabano (who was a member of Aerosmith for awhile) eventually got caught, there was a nark in his class, who befriended Steven, and then turned him in. Steven got off with a misdemeanor and a years probation, the only lasting effect that had was that when he was old enough to be drafted, his record kept him out of Vietnam. A blessing in disguise I say.

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Posted By: HappyMomof4 | 7/26/12 2:05 PM
I love you Steven I wish you didnt leave AI. btw I love you lips!
Posted By: MizzBaker | 8/01/12 3:59 PM
Aerosmith is one of my all time favs and so are you!
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Name: Steven Tyler
Age: 74
Country: United States
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