mary kirpes
Bullying Survivor
Female | Tucson, AZ   United States
Bullying of Obama
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: maryk
7/25/12 8:04 AM
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I am writing as a teacher who observes bullying, a mother who saw their child cry about being bullied and a victim of bullying myself. This experience makes me an expert on the subject and I know what bullying sounds like and looks like. Even though I have experienced bullying on a personal level, I have never seen it on the scale that I see in today’s political world.
We must put an end to bullying everywhere not just in the school setting.
In the last presidential campaign, I did not vote for President Obama but I will this year. My recent change of opinion is not only because he has been a great president (which included ridding us of Bin Laden), but also because he has done a lot for my family personally. In early 2009 my husband was laid off, so we lost our medical insurance, then suddenly I found myself sick and in the hospital. This was just when Obama passed a temporary reduction in Cobra payments and this made it affordable for us. Then there was “cash for clunkers” and we were finally able to rid ourselves of our clunker and able to buy a new car. My two sons, who are in their 20’s, are now covered under our medical insurance, and they both have pre-existing conditions. This is just the start of what Obama has done for my family and others as well. As Obama defends those of us who have been bullied, Romney continually bullies him.
All this has been good for families in the 99%, but those who hate Obama, continue to bully him. Personally, I feel they bully him because he is not white. Just like the KKK, the Tea Partiers passionately hate him and bully him daily. Romney, who bullied in high school, continues to bully today. Romney is an expert with bullying and as I listen to his rhetoric, and lies, I hear and see the same arrogance of bullies everywhere. No matter what Obama does as president, the republicans and the Tea Party will continue to bully him and all those who speak out on his behalf. It is time we put a stop to bullying everywhere!

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Posted By: GramsHappy | 9/21/12 2:39 PM
Politicians cant make it through a day without bullying each other. Instead of saying what makes them great they have to say what makes the other guy bad. Emotions and politics dont mix because its all just a game.
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