Marvin "Meatloaf" Aday
Bullying Survivor
Male | New York, NY   United States
Picked on for his weight
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: wordy
7/24/12 10:27 AM
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Kids made fun of me because of my weight. I was teased and bullied all over the place. True, there were times I be*t the hell out of kids that did that, but still [laughs]. Starting out as an actor, I actually got good reviews in plays that got bad reviews -- they liked my acting but hated everything else. Then comes the first 'Bat' album. These amazing characters in Jimmy's little play. What a concept. I don't think people fully understood the tongue-in-cheekiness of it and the pure pop genius of it. But man, those critiques? They were just insulting attacks on me. They really hurt me. That record was great! I'm very sensitive, but like when I was a kid, if I fell I'm unjustly criticized, then I get angry and I want to fight back. So I did, and it's what got me here to this point in my career. Look, I've learned. People either love me or hate me -- there's no middle ground [laughs].

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Posted By: HappyMomof4 | 7/26/12 2:06 PM
I think I played 'I would do anything for love' on repeat like 1000 times at one point I love that song. I laughed when I read you be*t the hell out of your bullies that is so cool.
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Name: Marvin "Meatloaf" Aday
Age: 74
Country: United States
Location: New York, NY
Gender: Male
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