Peter Frampton
Bullying Survivor
Male | Cincinnati, OH   United States
Bullied on facebook
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: caked
7/23/12 10:30 AM
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On this the eve of the repeal of the 1992 bill “Don’t ask Don’t tell”, Rock Star Legend Peter Frampton got more than he asked for when his positive Facebook posts in support of the repeal of the controversial bill turned in to a tirade of vulgar commentary. Supporters of the nearly two decade old bill, which requires openly gay soldiers be removed from or disallowed to participate in voluntary military service and lose their benefits, made many disrespectful comments directed at the aging Rock Legend which our reporting guidelines prohibit repeating.

According to the Associated Press, ‘’Senators cleared the way for final action with a 63-33 vote earlier Saturday to move the bill ahead.’’ In this season of Joy and Love, it seems that many would rather promote Hatred and Contempt. It is this reporters opinion that Mr. Frampton, a human rights supporter, and humanitarian, was not prepared for the abundant negative responses, and in fact was ashamed at what many American people had to say, and personally I don’t blame him.

Gay People are already in the U.S. military, they have been for decades, yet the American armed forces are still the most well equipped, best trained and most highly respected military force in the world. Let us not forget gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight, they have offered their service under the possibility of death. They have sworn an oath to protect the lands both foreign and domestic from sea to shining sea. They deserve the right “to be all that they can be”, and most of all to be themselves.

Mr. Frampton, thank you for inspiring me with your positive thoughts and comments. Though I am not gay, I respect every member of the Armed forces of the world who are committed to protecting and defending those who cannot protect and defend themselves. I hope that this bill is finally repealed and that these brave men and women will finally receive all the respect and honors they deserve.

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