Tara Reid
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied on Big Brother
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: onward
7/12/12 11:32 AM
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Thrown to the Lyons: Tara Reid leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house and claims Darryn Lyons bullied her

She told the Daily Star – Sunday: ‘He warned me he has people working for him in London and LA and it felt like a personal threat.’

The New Jersey born blonde, who was evicted on Friday, took Darryn’s words personally and claims that during the show she was bullied and intimidated by the self styled Mr Paparazzi.

The American Pie actress believed that Darryn would actually end her career if she foul of him and that he would always give her dirty looks in the house.

The best of enemies: Tara Reid and Darryn Lyons clashed several times during their time together in the house

Darryn, 46, and Tara clashed several times during the show and she said to the newspaper: ‘He ruined some of my best moments in the house because he didn’t like the way I called him up on his bullying behavior so he picked on me.’


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Posted By: PinkBow | 7/17/12 2:54 PM
Tara was in a bad way for a minute there and I got a little worried about her but she seems to be doing much better now. She was bullied relentlessly for awhile and nobody deserves that kind of treatment.
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