Terry Gollium
Bullying Survivor
Male | Jacksonville, FL   United States
If it don't kill you, you get stronger
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: destined
7/10/12 12:13 PM
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I was a very small boy in school and the bullies would try to attack me since they knew I was much too weak to fight back. I had really bad asthma growing up so I couldnt run very long and being scared just made it worse. I remember one week I got be*t up mon-fri. It was the worst week of my life because I knew it was coming and I could never get away from them. They were a pack of wolves that would just attack me whenever I strayed from the pack. To be honest I dont know how many times I was be*t up as a kid. It took me a long time to mature because I was so withdrawn from my classmates I never really understood that you grow over time and get better. I never excelled until midway through college. The first few year in college I still was afraid I would be bullied but after I got my associates it finaly hit me that my days of being be*t up were over. Now I have my own business and eveyr other week I am a big brother to a kid name Jason that was taken from his home because its parents were unfit to raise him. He has a similar story to mine growing up and has a lot of kids picking on him at school. Through my guidance I have given this boy hope and let him understand that its not his fault and to push through these hard days to get to the good. I think it was my destiny now to get bullied so I can now relate to kids that are having the same troubles. I dont regret my past I embrace it. If you can help another kid that was just like you then it will make up for all those years of darkness.

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Posted By: BestFriend | 7/31/12 12:46 PM
You should join a mentor program to give back to the community
Posted By: GramsHappy | 9/21/12 2:19 PM
I hope that you succeed in your quest to improve a child's life and your difference to the world will be significant
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