Coleen Sutton
Bullying Survivor
Female | Phoenix, AZ   United States
Used to work at Taco Bell
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: jerkatwork
7/06/12 11:18 AM
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I worked for Taco Bell in Ph*enix for 18 months and the entire time the manager there would bully me and all my coworkers. His name is Mike and I will not give the store number or his last name but he was the worst manager ever. He would constantly make us do things that were not part of our job description so he could save money and lie about why we had to do it. Told us that if we had a problem there was the door. He would make people work extra shifts when he wanted to go have fun time and if you complained you were fired.When we would make the food he would always say that we needed to think cheap and would short some meals on the basic ingredients.He was very rude and would call me lazy and irresponsible because I didnt want to do the things that he wanted me to do but I didnt hae to.He would lie to employees about things that were said and start fights for his own amusement.I saw him fire a boy right in the middle of the lunch rush in front of customers and he said that he was too stupid to work fast food.Mike is the biggest jerk on the planet and he bullies people because he is the manager and he should be not allowed to do this.

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Posted By: MrKind | 7/16/12 12:34 PM
bullying in the workplace is a big problem and it happens everywhere!
Posted By: SamIam | 7/23/12 1:56 PM
Apply for a Del Taco job and defeat your competition :)
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