Jonah Hill
Bullying Survivor
Male | Santa Monica, CA   United States
Bullied by Glee star
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: whisper
7/05/12 10:45 AM
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During an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, the 27-year-old comic revealed that he was less than impressed with the Glee actor.

While at a Fox upfront press day in May, where Hill was promoting his new animated series Allen Gregory, Morrison managed to embarrass him in ront of a room full of celebrities.

The 32-year-old says that he felt like "the new kid in school" at the event so he started talking to his school classmate Zooey Deschanel until he was told to keep quiet by one of the event's organisers.

The Moneyball star addressed the audience and said: "Do you guys know this guy Matthew Morrison on Glee? This guy piggybacks on this woman calling me out. I've never met this guy in my entire life. He goes, 'Yeah, Jonah, can't you stop talking for one second?' And everyone laughed at me!"

"I already got it in my head that I don't like this guy. I'm sure he's a good human being, but you don't throw a dude under the bus who's just sitting there being quiet. I've never met him before. He bullied me!," he added.

When the 32-year-old went to get his own back on Morrison a few weeks later, while he was talking to Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, he overheard his name being used as a punchline in Morrison's joke.

Hill is not a happy bunny, as he said: "Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s**t next time, dude. I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one!"

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Posted By: 33heart33 | 7/10/12 12:35 PM
You look so much better now that you are thin and you look a lot happier too! Congrats on all your success!!
Posted By: Tinkerbella | 7/12/12 1:13 PM
He was doing that because he knows that you get more attention so he thought he would be the cool guy who gave you crap but good thing you flipped it on him and now people know what a jerk he is.
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