unknown girl
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Modesto, CA   United States
the ugly girl
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: reallybad
7/04/12 1:22 PM
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i have always been the ugly girl at my school.i have a few friends but everyone else makes fun of me and girls tell guys to ask me out as a joke then make funs of me.losing my mind in school.i dont know why they have to be even mean to me like i a a jerk.i am not a jerk i just dont like you if you are mean to me.i have braces and they call me jaws and pimple face cow.i dont want to be the ugly girl anymore i just want to be me.alot of my kids at my school dont know my name just call me ugly girl.i said to my mom i hate school and she says its alright but its not alright.i cry in the bathroom alone and want to die from this world.i would wish that it would stop and people just dont talk to me so it would be better then being mean to me.leave me alone.

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Posted By: amandanana2User Verified | 7/05/12 6:15 AM
Hey,im amanda. U r not alone. Never. Just stay in there! I know you can. I have... And its got me really far!!!! I hope you can stay in thete because ur not alone. Other ppls have the same life. Stay in there... :D
Posted By: greatest | 7/05/12 12:53 PM
One day when you mature and the pimples and braces disappear you are going to be the girl that guys are interested in.Be strong and dont ever give up on your life.
Posted By: janepUser Verified | 7/16/12 7:05 PM
The kids in your school are being very cruel to you. You should be able to go to school without being bullied. I am a mom of 4. When my kids has had a problem with bullying, I am glad they tell me so I can do something about it. One time, I kept my daughter home from school for several days and I phoned the school and told them she wouldn't be coming in until the bullying issue was sorted out. They arranged for her to have a chaperone (somebody with her all the time). You MUST talk to your mom again and if you have to, I would refuse to go to school. Maybe then someone will listen. This week, my son's best friend committed suicide because he was being bullied. We are all so very sad, he was only 14. Please talk to a teacher or another adult you can trust. Please don't hurt yourself xx
Posted By: M4ggie | 4/25/14 6:39 PM
This happens to me all the time too. I've tried to commit suicide, but then I realized it wasn't the answer. I've moved schools multiple times, which sucks. I have acne and braces- I also hate myself. I feel your pain. They're horrible people out there who just want you to suffer, but all you have to do is act like you don't care, even if deep down it hurts really bad.
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