Krissy M
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Detroit, MI   United States
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: risky
6/28/12 11:38 AM
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my story is that I used to have nice friends but they all turned their back on me because a boy started liking me that one of the girls had a crush on.he told me that he wanted to be my boyfriend and I didnt even say yes but because I didnt say no now they all hate me. they call me a b*tch and a sl*t and I didnt even hug him or kiss him or anything.if I try to walk up to them they turn away or act like they dont hear me and say do you hear something.girls can be so rude sometimes and for no reason.these were suppose to be my friends but now I have no friends and people think I am a loser and make fun of me.I should have said yes to him so I could have a boyfriend to be with now because its the summer and I have no friends to hang out with from school and these girls will call my house and prank call me and sned me mean pictures of ugly things and say this is what I am or what they think of me when they look at it.I want to change schools but my parents said no.I dont want to go back to school next year because of this mean girls

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Posted By: GramsHappy | 9/21/12 2:22 PM
Im sure by now all of those girls are over that boy and they will be ready to be your friend again once you go back to school. Put a smile on your face and just be yourself.
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Name: Krissy M
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Country: United States
Location: Detroit, MI
Gender: Female
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