Queen Latifah
Bullying Survivor
Female | Millstone Township, NJ   United States
Kids have to tell someone
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: frost77
6/28/12 11:12 AM
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Latifah shared that “I was bullied a bit as a kid. And it’s funny because my father taught my brother and I how to fight so early. Pretty much from birth.”

Latifah said her dad was “a cop, a SWAT guy but he really taught us that you don’t use violence. It was more self defense kinda things. So I never, we weren’t taught to use violence as a mean to solve a situation. It was like diffuse the situation, talk through it. Not that it wasn’t the way to resolve conflicts, but I feel like a lot of kids right now have to tell someone.”

Kids Have To Tell Someone

Latifah said “tell someone, because when I was bullied and my brother was bullied as kids we kinda kept it to ourselves. We tried to handle it on our own and sometimes it got out of control. I remember literally having to fight with a guy who was bullying my brother because I was afraid of the guy but…and I knew my brother could whop this guy…but for some reason was afraid of him in some way. Later he whopped that guy, but that’s not even what it’s about.”

Latifah reiterated her initial comments. She said “I think it’s really about kids telling someone. Tell some adult. There has to be some way for us to intervene on behalf of our kids and protect them.”

She said “kids when they’re young,when they’re 12, 13, 14, 15, they think everything’s the end of the world and they really, their self-esteem is so highly effected by this. To consider even taking your life, to think it’s the end of the world like you are so sad and you feel such despair that you want to end your life rather than live like this, you should not have to endure that alone.”


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