Qball Man
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Detroit, MI   United States
Qball Man
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Qball
6/18/12 1:39 PM
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I get bullied and picked on by friends and strangers almost daily because of my balding head. My coworkers have nicknamed me Qball and even write it on memos to be delivered to me. Do you know how humiliating it is to have an intern yell out that he is looking for Qball to give him a note and have the entire office giggle and point at me? Quite a bit. Then im off work and I hear baldy from my friends too. Its a nonstop attack that I hear no matter where I go I am insulted. If a stranger feels the need to tell me at least they still have all their hair or that I am just jealous of their full head of hair. At this point I have become so infamous that people will say when they first meet me oh this is Qball man nice to meet you. Not a very flattering first impression. Forget about getting surgery or using anything to cover it because everyone knows so im sure it would just get worse. I have thought about maybe just shaving my whole head and at least it can look at little more appealing but I am not even sure if that would change anything. I just wish there was something I can do to just blend in a little more. Any suggestions?

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Posted By: Smarty | 6/19/12 11:48 AM
Shaved head looks good on guys in my opinion so I bet some of the ladies at your work will see you in a whole new light if you comes in fully shaved. Give it a try what do you have to lose??
Posted By: Ultimo | 6/20/12 11:42 AM
Own the name Qball and act like it doesnt bother you. Call yourself Qball and when speaking to someone refer to yourself as Qball and once people notice you are trying to have a sense of humor about your hair then you will put out the fire so to speak. Your bullies will be thrown off by this and may leave you alone because they think they are making you happy and helping you gain confidence which will make them stop calling you that name
Posted By: HappyMomof4 | 7/26/12 1:37 PM
If you get the cosmetic surgery to fix your balding spot you will not be made fun of because you will look better. In fact I bet you will get lots of compliments and some of the people that bullied you before will have nothing else to say because you now have fixed your problem.
Posted By: Murray | 7/30/12 4:25 PM
Just shave it all off and you will see a whole new lineup of women that enjoy the company of a hairless sexy man
Posted By: GramsHappy | 9/21/12 2:30 PM
Men with a bald head are very attractive 8-)
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