Adam Lambert
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied for sexuality
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: enough
6/18/12 11:14 AM
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I have been a victim of bullying, and I know how awful it feels to be harassed because of your sexual orientation and/or physical appearance. When I was in junior high, two boys began following me around, calling me names, and bumping into me in the halls - all because I decided to cut my hair short. It got so bad that my mom had to speak to the principal, which didn't seem to help much.

One day I was walking down the path that led from my school to the street below with a couple friends. I soon knew the boys were behind me because it was impossible to ignore their jeers… "Hey! Are you a girl, or a boy?", "Are you a dyke?!", "Hey, he-she, we're talking to you!"

I had had enough. I turned around, marched right up to them, told them they needed to stop and shoved the louder one off his skateboard. My adrenaline was through the roof; they were stunned! After a few minutes I heard "You better be careful, or we'll have to mess up your face," to which I replied "Yeah, yeah, keep talkin' hun!"

To my amazement, I never heard a peep from them after that day. I know that most kids aren't so lucky, and I hope that these recent tragedies will teach small-minded teens to think about the strong effect they have on their fellow peers.

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Posted By: StyleZ | 6/18/12 1:51 PM
Most bullies back off after you finally confront them because they only want to attack the weak and helpless.Your story should encourage kids to just step up and say enough is enough.
Posted By: Smarty | 6/19/12 11:36 AM
How he didnt win AI on his year is beyond me and I like all the things you do for your fans Adam you really do care
Posted By: Overcome | 6/25/12 12:46 PM
You are one of my all time favs from AI!!
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