Kristin Kreuk
Bullying Survivor
Female | Vancouver, BC   Canada
Teased for clothes
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: limes
6/11/12 10:05 AM
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The first time I remember someone discussing my appearance was in my early childhood. The discussion was centered around my ethnicity, and more specifically around “what I was.” This was not a traumatic experience, but it was confusing as I had not labeled myself in that way and had not actually seen that as a defining aspect of my self. Then I remember, in fifth grade, being teased about what I was wearing. And it escalated from there, both in a positive and negative way. I also participated in this labeling. I saw people who wore a lot of makeup and objectified them as shallow or frivolous. Why? I think it was pretty simple in a way: it made me feel better, more secure, less alone. At least for that moment.

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Name: Kristin Kreuk
Age: 39
Country: Canada
Location: Vancouver, BC
Gender: Female
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