Karen Fouche
Bullying Survivor
Female | Boston, MA   United States
Love is hard to come by...
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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6/08/12 4:19 PM
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Well, I finally decided to write my bulling story after seeing so many others posted and after seeing my friends daughter being bullied. I admire everyone with the strength to post their stories. This is mine... It all started from a very early age. My father was physically and emotionally abusive to my mom and eventually it tricked down to me and my brother. The first time my father set out to physically do harm was when I was 6. I'm dyslexic and had trouble with math my whole life (no one knew about it then...) and while helping me with my homework I didn't "get" what my father was trying to explain. So his solution to the problem was to have my older sister get a branch off the tree in the front of the house and he be*t me with it until I told him the right answer. That continued on until I was 9. But not only was my father abusive to me, he was much worse with my brother. I just counted myself lucky that I only got be*t with a branch. My sister on the other hand never got be*ten. She was always my father's favorite so she was always his "little helper" in the abuse which is why we don't talk at all today. Things were really bad. But then the abuse escalated when I was 11... I got a C in math and my father was enraged. He picked up the wooden chair at my study desk and he broke it over my back. When my mom got home from work, she asked what happened to the chair and I was too scared to tell her but I think she figured it out because she left him a few weeks later. After she threw him out, life got better. My grades improved and life was great. But that didn't last for long because she took him back a month later. At this time, my brother became physically abuse with me as well... punching me, calling me names. He even chased me through the house with his baseball bat which he ended up putting through the bathroom door. Things were really bad for me at home. So things were wonderful when he finally went off to college. After my mother left my father, I guess she went to counseling with him and one of the deals they must have struck up was that my father wasn't to touch me because the be*tings stopped after that. He basically ignored me when he moved back in which was fine by me. He had no interest in anything that I did. I was in orchestra and he never went to any of my concerts... he didn't even show up when they gave me an outstanding musician award. It bothers me today but back then, no attention was good attention. But the worst of it came in high school when I started being bullied by other kids. I was in 10th grade science class and I was getting bullied in there and the teacher did nothing to stop it. They would call me names and slap the books out of my hands... It was horrible. It was a living hell everyday just to go to class and eventually, I just stopped going. I told the housemaster and he agreed to let me help out in his office during my class time but the teacher informed him that he would flunk me if I didn't start showing up for class. I had no choice to go back. But my house master must have had a pretty good talk with my teacher because my first day back to class, my teacher quelled any bullying that was about to take place. By that time, I only had 2 months left till the end of the year so it made life easier. But the following year I was in class with the same boy that bullied me and I promptly dropped that class and opted to graduate with the bare minimum science requirement. i didn't want a repeat of the abuse even though the main bullys weren't in that specific class with me but I didn't want to leave anything up to chance. So that's my bullying story. I don't have any relationship with my sister... she's still abusive to this day and I have tried to mend fences with her but she's still the same evil, hateful person that held me down while my father be*t me. My brother and I made peace with each other. He passed on 2 years ago... 4 days after his 40th birthday. It broke my heart even though I never really forgot what he did to me. He moved to So Cal and found peace with himself and I can live with that. I mmay not have talked to him everyday but I forgave him seeing the circ*mstances that we were in. My mom died 8 years ago (three years after she finally divorced my father when I was 28) but she did the best she could with an abusive husband. She lived her own tormented life with my father so I can't really say much. As for my father, well, since my mother passed, we've been trying to mend fences. We've spoken off and on since my mother died. We've tried but with the death of my brother, I think he's seen something that he missed and he's trying to make things better. I can't say that I forgive him... there's too much hurt for that but I'm trying hard to make things work. We talk every couple of months and I send him cards and stuff but I don't think that there will ever be a family bond there. Maybe I should learn to forgive and forget but the pain is too real and even being 38, it still doesn't change things that much. I'll keep trying but nothing is guaranteed....

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