Whitney Thompson
Bullying Survivor
Female | Jacksonville, FL   United States
Bullied for her weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: stones
6/05/12 8:49 AM
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"I've learned to take my flaws and [realize] they're what make me different. I've got my mom's thighs, you know? Southern! My mom has big thighs; my grandmama has big thighs. God forbid I look like every other robot-cookie-cutter girl out there! You're going to find someone who loves your giant nose or thinks your skinny arms are great!

I think one of the things that really helped me most in middle school and high school as cutting tags out of my pants--that way, other girls couldn't say anything. When someone goes, "What size are those?" you can look and say, "I don't know." Wear what fits-it doesn't matter what the number is."

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Posted By: NeverForget | 6/05/12 12:48 PM
Women dont have to be toothpicks to be pretty and you are a prime example Whitney!
Posted By: ChickenSoup | 6/06/12 1:36 PM
Nothing wrong with a woman that has curves haha I used to say that about my size of pants I would say its the size that fits me :P
Posted By: tendertimes | 6/12/12 2:16 PM
Big is beautiful honey! Stay strong because you have it going on!
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Name: Whitney Thompson
Age: 34
Country: United States
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: N/A
University: N/A
Ethnicity: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
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Height: N/A
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Tattoos: No

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