Ron Bachman
Bullying Survivor
Male | Detroit, MI   United States
Once Bullied Relentlessly, Ron Bachman Now a Motivational Rock Star
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: oliver
6/01/12 9:21 AM
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DETROIT (WJBK) - It's hard not to be in awe of Ron Bachman. Born with deformed legs, his parents had them amputated when he was four.

Rather than feeling any bit of sorry for himself, the west side Detroit native said he's the happiest man you will ever meet.

"Why wouldn't I be happy? I have my arms. I have my health. I've got a wonderful family," said Bachman. I could mope around and say … my legs are gone, or I could say … how cool I can live an independent life. I'm a motorcyclist. Have a ball. Be a dad."

Despite relentless bullying, this 50-year-old has come full circle.

"Things that you can't imagine, but I don't talk about them too much anymore because I don't think there's any value in sharing certain things," Bachman said.

Now, he's turned into a motivational rock star. Hundreds of middle and high school students at Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation were inspired.

"He gets you moving. He gets you like really hyped," one said.

"I like the way that he was talking to us and the way that he taught us to love ourselves and to look in the mirror and look at our reflection and see how we can love each other," another said.

Getting these young people to embrace his message of self love, empowerment and anti-bullying is what Bachman does for a living. His goal is very simple -- to get people to stop and think.

"I can give them enough stories of my life that they truly understand the power of words when they open up their big mouth," Bachman told FOX 2's Iris Perez. "I can at least give them pause that when they're about to say it, stop for a moment."

Ironically, the man who has never walked travels across the country by himself on his Walk This Way Tour as a metaphor for how to win the game of life.

"When you start to love you and you see you a certain way, the world's coming along with you. You watch -- they'll start seeing you as that person also. That's the magic of learning to "walk this way." That same kid would've seen me at Kmart or Target earlier in the day and made fun of me, but at twelve noon, I showed up at his school and now, all of a sudden, I'm his friend. He'll never pick on another kid again."


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