Mike Tyson
Bullying Survivor
Male | Scottsdale, AZ   United States
Overweight and high pitched voice bullying
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: boost
5/31/12 10:45 AM
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One reason for the bullying: His high-pitched voice.

"It's not as high-pitched as it used to be because I smoke now," Tyson tells King. "I used to smoke to make my voice huskier. I hate my voice."

And then there was the lisp he has worked to control.

"That's the enjoyment of life -- that you overcome all the things that are your handicaps," he says.

He says his Southern family eats a lot of fatty food.

"My sister died because of obesity (at age 25) and my mother died because of bad health," he says. "... And, know what? I wanted to break the cycle. I think my daughter has a problem with her weight, too. She's 20. ... But they don't understand that this can get very bad. I want to break the cycle. I don't want to be, 'Hey, guys, lose some weight, be on a diet.' I want to lead by example."

Mike Tyson might be a boxing legend, but the former heavyweight-boxing champion revealed that as a child he was overweight and bullied by classmates.

“I was skipping school because I used to be an overweight kid with glasses, so every time I went to school people would just kick the crap out of me,” he said when asked how he developed his affection for his fine feathered friends.

Mike explained that he often skipped school and ended up racing birds instead of going to class and to face his bullies.

”[They were] the first animals I encountered really,” Mike said. “They’re many things, they’re what you want them to be, so to speak.”

The noticeably trim former heavyweight also revealed another how he’s slimmed down in recent years.

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Posted By: CHRIS | 5/31/12 1:06 PM
Its hard to imagine iron mike tyson the most dangerous man in the world at one point could ever be bullied by anyone.He is a good actor too he cracked me up in the Hangover movies
Posted By: NeverForget | 6/05/12 12:56 PM
Nobody would ever attempt to bully you know Mike and you earned that respect
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