michael dinkla
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Boston, MA   United States
being gay
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: michael
5/28/12 12:14 AM
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when I was in the 6th grade(now 9th) I told my two closest friends i was gay. they said we are here for you if you need any help. so I went to school the next day and found out that they had told people my secret. through out the school day people said inappropriate stuff and all I could think of as go home and die. so i figured I would just take med or hang my self. i ended up taking a whole lot of pills at night. that did not work so i figured i would go to school and see why my friends told almost the whole school. on my way to lunch three guys came and just punched the heck out of me and said that is what you get for being gay. so to this day I still get bullied every day even on the computer. why wont it stop .

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Posted By: Jessien10 | 3/27/13 10:10 PM
Hey i just want you 2 know im gay and going through EXACTLY the same thing. Im here for you, bro!
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