Belle Barnes
Bullying Survivor
Female | Sioux Falls, SD   United States
The Beginning is NEVER the End
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: bellebelle200
5/22/12 9:48 PM
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My name is Belle Barnes, and I am 17 years old. My story starts in 1st grade. It was the first time i was called fat. It came as a shock to me, being 7 years old, thinking that there was nothing wrong with me. As my life kept going my father began to power lift and became a total health nut. He started to tell me that I was fat and that I wouldn't amount to anything. That's when I started to really believe the things people were telling me. As I began 7th grade I really started to like the color black, so naturally, my wardrobe was overtaken with black clothing. Middle schoolers, with they're closed minds all translated this into, Oh that girl is a goth. So after being told that its not Halloween and I'm a freak, I would go home crying and my psychotic father began to tell me that I was completely worthless, was a freak, and suddenly, in his eyes, I became a wh*re and a sl*t to him, which he reminded me daily. As I started high school, my life didn't get any easier. My wardrobe became almost completely black and the kids never stopped reminding me.
As my freshman kept going I got in with the bad crowd. I got roped into drinking and doing dr*gs. I began to sell dr*gs such as hydrocodone, from previous injuries I had, and any prescription dr*gs I could get my hands on. I'd skip out of school to get high or drink or even get drunk and high in school. I was lucky and didn't get caught but most of my 'friends' weren't so lucky.
Weeks passed and my clothes got even darker and so did my makeup. Soon the older kids at the high school I went to began to see this and became like hungry dogs seeing a piece of meat.
It started with the name calling, you're fat, you're ugly. I really started to believe this and my self esteem just plummeted. It got worse once I started cutting. I tried to hide the scars with bracelets, but soon, there were so many I couldn't hide them. So naturally, the hungry dogs pounced all over this. At least once everyday I was told to go cut or to go k*ll myself. After 2-3 weeks of this I began to receive 'gifts' from people. Razors. Pill bottles. Given to me with threats or being told to go die since I wasn't worth anything.
By now you're asking yourself 'why didn't she go to the teachers or the principals?' Well, I did. I went to 3 different teachers who told me that they didn't see it happen so they couldn't do anything about it. I went to the principal and she asked for the names of the people, I didn't know who half of the people were, that were doing this to me. So it went unmonitored. Not a good thing. I tried to commit suicide 3 times. Twice my best friend stopped my and once I chickened out. After so many weeks I completely broke down and I was put in treatment. Only THEN was the people who were doing this to me punished. After spending so long in one treatment center I spent 5 months in a state mental hospital.
I am now almost 18 years old and just graduated 3 days ago. My life is looking up, with many people who love me and take care of me. I still struggle with some things but they are well under control. My father? Hes down in Texas now running with gangs, doing dr*gs, and having sex with every wh*re that walks past him. My mother has gotten a divorce from him and is all the happier. My life is so much better and I am so thankful for the people in it. If you are in a situation like this, trust me, it WILL get better. Just ask for help, even if you think that no one will, someone will help you. There are people who love you and you will get through it. I send all my love to you, whatever your going through and if you need any help or want to talk please email me at [email protected]
All my love,
Belle Barnes

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