Kathy Griffin
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Needed her quit wit in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: snapshot
5/21/12 11:18 AM
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Kathy Griffin isn't taking any bull. "Bullies pick on kids who are different or who they think are different, right?" the fiery host of the upcoming talk show Kathy states in a PSA promoting classroom tolerance.

Griffin recalls having to resort to her quick wit when being bullied as a kid in school.

"Well, I am here to tell you that there is nothing – and I mean nothing – wrong with being different," she says in the clip, which she shared with Perez Hilton. "In fact, your differences – whether you're bad at sports, or like to paint, or you're gay, or you think you might be gay, or you like playing with dolls, or you like playing in the mud, or you have, I don't know, red hair -- whatever you think makes you different, I guarantee, it also makes you wonderful!"

Kathy created the video in support of the newly released doc*mentary, Bully. The highly-buzzed about film by Lee Hirsch shines a spotlight on America's bullying epidemic. According to TheBullyProject.com, over 13 million children in this country will be bullied this year, and three million students are absent from school each month because they do not feel safe.

"Hang in there. Please don't give up on yourself," Kathy tells those millions of kids. "Trust me, you have a whole lifetime of laughter ahead of you."

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Posted By: blanked | 5/23/12 4:11 PM
Im sure Kathy used to get teased for her red hair but now a lot of men would give their right arm to be with a red head. She is very right what kids punish you for while you are young it is the same thing that attracts others to you as an adult.
Posted By: CHRIS | 5/31/12 1:10 PM
Kathy has an act that some would call offensive but off stage she assures that it is all an act and she has a very soft spot in her heart for bullying since she was a victim herself. Maybe dishing it out on stage is her form of therapy to put herself in the bully state of mind.
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