Herschel Walker
Bullying Survivor
Male | Wrightsville, GA   United States
Pro Football Player Herschel Walker Was Bullied and Traumatized as a Child
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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5/09/12 1:19 PM
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Herschel Walker is an NFL icon. He earned the great honor of being awarded the Heisman Trophy. But as a child he was overweight and stuttered. He was bullied by other kids.

In his own words:

From my very early days at school until I entered high school, I was subject to a daily assaut of verbal and physical abuse by classmates. At recess, I’d go out on the playground, and while all the other kids climbed over the playground equipment, jumped rope, or stood in a gaggle gossiping, I’d target someone then go up to them, hold out my hand and offer them money to talk to me.

To be shut out of so many things each and every day made school excrutiating. Those few moments of respite from isolation, even if I had to pay for them, were what kept me going to school.

I was frequently the subject of beatings throughout my early school days. I can’t stand to see other people get taken advantage of or hurt.”

Every applicant to the Little Baby Face Foundation is “different.” They were born with birth defects. Try to remember how what it was like in school— now imagine missing an ear, or part of your jaw.

We were delighted that the Anti-Bullying law went into effect this week.

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Source: http://littlebabyface.org/blog/arc***es/189

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Posted By: teamwork | 5/09/12 2:22 PM
This was my absolute number one favorite football player and he was so good because of how excellent his physcial condition and stamina had become. Its pretty crazy to think he was ever fat at any point in his life. Im about 25 lbs. overweight so that gives me some serious confidence now believe it or not.
Posted By: LOUDandPROUD | 5/17/12 2:28 PM
Amazing football player and I would have never guessed him to be a victim of bullying being as good as he was at sports. I like reading about people who I thought had perfect lives then I find out they have problems and insecurities just like the rest of us. Makes me feel I can achieve a high status too after all I have been through.
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