Jack Osbourne
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied for his rockstar father
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: silos
5/04/12 9:57 AM
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Most of us would think having a rock star as a dad would boost your popularity at school, but for Jack Osbourne having the notorious rocker Ozzy Osbourne as a father made him a target for bullies. He said: "I did get picked on quite a bit though. It wasn't like my dad was Chesney Hawkes and everyone loved him - my dad was Ozzy Osbourne and people loved to hate him!"

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Posted By: Coppers | 5/07/12 1:41 PM
Im sorry you had a problem with bullies jack but you have a lovely family that surrounds you. Congrats on the baby Jack!
Posted By: catcher | 5/07/12 3:10 PM
I was rooting for you when you were going through your battle with dr*gs and I am very happy that you came out on top Jack. Bulies got nothing on you buddy
Posted By: BluesBro | 5/14/12 2:47 PM
This kid did a complete 180 and im so glad he did because he has a good heart and now everyone knows it
Posted By: NeverForget | 6/05/12 12:59 PM
WTG on get sober Jack, that is exactly what you needed and now you have a beautiful family of your own.
Posted By: StyleZ | 6/18/12 2:01 PM
I think your entire family now is beloved around the world which is the universe paying you back
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