Michael Silas
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Michael Silas - Dancer for tour sensation Lady Gaga!
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: MichaelSilas
5/04/12 9:43 AM
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My Exclusive BullyVille Story:

I can remember growing up as a kid seeing the different interactions of kids, so I learned pretty early that people that were different didn't always get the cool kid award. Most of my childhood was spent playing sports so I got the "free pass card" through-out my time as what we call the "jock". Being that the image of a jock came with the masculine roll kept me afraid to reveal my biggest secret... I was keeping inside of me that I was gay... and we all know those two do not mix.

Something happened I never expected, I was outed by someone who was obviously operating from a place of hatred. That was the most challenging time being that I was playing sports and hiding this huge secret! My time through school and even sometimes at home would be a tough place for me to be my real self. Something happened that was my "Ah-Ha" moment that cleared me from the burden, my father! Yes, my father out of all people said something that helped me move on and never look back. He said that this doesn't change who you are as Michael, its just apart of you that doesn't identify you even though society will. With those words I held my head high and allowed myself to be the true me with no more secrets!

Luckily for me I figured out that people that bully others are only people operating from a place of not understanding. So its not you, it's their lack of. So keep your heads up and know that it gets better! Rise above when THEY try to hold you down!!

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Posted By: Everyday | 5/08/12 2:45 PM
Athletes are usually not very open minded about homosexuality especially if they are on your team. Every sports player would like to think of themself as tough and when you are younger you associate gay with weakness. So there is no way you could ever be a successful athlete while you are gay, right? Wrong. There have been many pro athletes that come out of the closet now that their careers are over but while playing if they would have come out it would have been career ending in such male dominated masculine sports like football. There are gay people every where but since the environment would be to hostile to be open they remain in secret. Its a good thing that your father had your back because that is what you need the most is support from your immediate family. Thanks for gving your story
Posted By: tendertimes | 6/12/12 2:20 PM
You have a wonderful wonderful father for helping you feel comfortable in your own skin!
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