Seth Green
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Smallest in class
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: bulliedstar
5/01/12 11:52 AM
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"I'm five feet four inches now and as you can guess, I've always been short. Shorter than most of the boys in my class and shorter even than some of the girls. That became glaringly apparent early on, because I was also a year accelerated, in with kids a year older than I. So not only was I the smallest, I was also the youngest. To the other kids, I also had a funny name. They'd call me Death instead of Seth. It didn't help that I didn't play athletics at school."

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Posted By: NOVEMBER | 5/01/12 3:11 PM
You're sooooo friggen funny Seth im sorry you were bullied but I love you!
Posted By: NeverEver | 5/03/12 4:25 PM
He played a funny cousin of a surfer from California in this movie called Airborne and he gets bullied in that movie by these hockey players from his school. Great movie but I didnt know he was bullied in real life but im glad he got over it and got into show business because he is a very underrated comedy actor
Posted By: Coppers | 5/07/12 1:49 PM
Wiley was the name of the guy he played in Airborne. My favorite part was when he tried on the clothes for their date it makes me crack up every time I see it. You the man Seth!
Posted By: ChickenSoup | 6/06/12 1:40 PM
Great movie and I love watching the adult swim!
Posted By: scared16 | 5/09/12 1:55 PM
You DA MAN Seth!
Posted By: JackBauer | 5/02/12 2:25 PM
I love the channel him and the creator of family guy have all those adult cartoons its just hilarious. I bet all the kids that called him Death are kicking themselves now.
Posted By: AnOrdinaryManUser Verified | 5/07/12 2:36 PM
Sounds like you made it through, friend Seth. I didn't play sports either. When I was in school, I remember myself how big a deal other kids made out of being a good athlete... when you look at things like MLB, the NBA, NFL and the like, then I'd say you see where part of it comes from. People who are good at sports are the 'heroes' of a large portion of our society... and therefore, people who are not athletes are looked down on.

Remember, my friend, those athletes make a LOT of money - they're 'popular', and 'strong', and whatever words you want to use. I can think of a few negatives, but I'm a nice man, and I won't insult anyone here by using them. All I'll say is that kids place too much emphasis on physical capability, and too much of our society encourages it too far.
Posted By: FullofBeauty | 5/15/12 2:13 PM
Who needs athletics when you are as funny as this guy is YOU ROCK SETH
Posted By: BeeFitz | 6/03/15 6:38 PM
Bullying This is actually a bit sickening because I clearly remember reading an article on the topic of Ginger Snaps 2 in which they did an interview with Emily Perkins. I believe it was Sky magazine (UK) but I'm not sure. In the interview (for some reason it gets wildly off topic) Emily recalls being on set of the movie IT and being viciously bullied by Seth Green and another cast member whom I cannot remember but she said she had a crush on this other boy, despite the bullying. Said claimed they called her a "fat lesbian". I have a strong feeling she said that they were physically abusive towards her as well but I can't be sure. Seth himself has admitted to having a bad attitude problem as a lad. I understand that those who've been bullied/abused tend to go on to bully/abuse others but you cannot excuse this sort of behavior for any reason. Even children know better than to hurt other people like that.
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