Kurt Cobain
Bullying Survivor
Male | Seattle, WA   United States
Bullied for his friend
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Nirvana
4/27/12 11:27 AM
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Yeah he was. He was bullied for not liking sports, for hanging out with a gay guy (they were unseperable), and he also got beat up for his smart mouth sometimes.
He didnt know the guy was gay until all the rumors about him being started spreading but he remained friends with him. He liked the conflict it was stirring up but not the abuse he started recieving in the school locker room and getting be*t up, so he bluntly told Matt (gay guy) their friendship had to end, gave him a hug, turned around and walked away and they never spoke again.

He chose to be a loner, cuz he couldnt find anyone who was interested in the same things as him. As he put it " I was a chosen reject" " I'd rather be dead than cool"

RIP - Kurt Cobain 4/5/1994

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Posted By: Senor | 4/27/12 2:01 PM
We miss you and love you Kurt
Posted By: 22bobby22 | 4/30/12 2:50 PM
One of the most talented musicians of our time and was taken from us well before his time.
Posted By: NeverEver | 5/03/12 4:27 PM
This guy was a musical treasure and I was devistated by his death. Rest in peace
Posted By: cc345 | 5/22/12 3:22 PM
Wish you were still with us Kurt you were ahead of your time
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