Joe Torre
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied by his dad
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: bullyvictims
4/25/12 12:11 PM
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Baseball great Joe Torre talked to reporters about his experience with domestic violence. His father, a respected NYC police detective, was a physically abusive husband and an emotionally abusive father. Fans and non-fans were fascinated with this aspect of this athlete's life. Joe wasn't the first athlete to experience such abuse but it was Joe who used his status and resources to create the Safe at Home Foundation, whose mission is to end the cycle of domestic violence. The public was interested in this sports legend's experience with bullying (domestic violence is a type of bullying), and Joe was instrumental in publicizing the issue and working to end it.

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Posted By: FullThrottle | 4/25/12 1:22 PM
Best Manager in the history of baseball hands down. You could say he took some bullying from George Steinbrenner too!
Posted By: 2BorNOT2B | 4/26/12 3:21 PM
I cried when he made his speech that he was leaving the yankees because everyone loved him so much he was with the yanks forever and everyone loved him
Posted By: Agent007 | 6/07/12 2:20 PM
Go Yanks! Torre I loved growing up watching you manage the best baseball team ever and I know its from your troubled past that you taught yourself to keep your chin up and move forward
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