Chianne Klemann
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Jacksonville, FL   United States
My Daily Struggles
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: HazelleMarieUser Verified
4/24/12 2:23 PM
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Every day, I wake up and I'm almost terrified of the thought that I have to face the people in my school... That I have to get on the bus every morning and afternoon with the same people that made fun of me the previous day. I have a pixie style haircut and it's jet black, I just recently dyed it and it was a drastic change. Now everyone is saying that I'm even uglier than before and that I look like this boy named Tommy... I already go through enough as it is... I have had a lot of bad things happen in my life and everything is just now getting back to me and truthfully I've been an emotional wreck. I refuse to tell my mom because she thinks I exaggerate WAY too much. Nobody understands me anymore. For a little while I was deliberately hurting myself trying to get the pain to go away but it never did... I even tried committing suicide because I felt unwanted and unloved... Everyone told me not to do it again but I kept thinking about it... I wanted to do it again, but be successful this time... Day in and day out I have to deal with morons who think it's funny to terrorize me... But it's not it hurts so much but nobody see's my pain. I act all happy and fun but literally I'm crying on the inside thinking that it's all true 'maybe I am this, maybe I am that' Circles in my brain 24/7 and I have no clue how to fix it. I really wish that people weren't so cruel...

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Posted By: HeatherDUser Verified | 4/24/12 3:58 PM
please tell someone at your school what is going on. one of your teachers that you trust, or the vice principal, or a counsellor. this is not normal behaviour, and you should not be bullied out of your education. tell your parents that you are still thinking this way, you are NOT exaggerating, and just how bad these people are making you feel. maybe you could be home schooled or cyber school instead of dealing with this stuff.

i was tormented on the bus a lot, during 5th & 6th grade, as well a bit when i was in highschool. when i was younger, i took it, and it seriously caused a lot of damage to my self esteem. in highschool, i took it for a bit, and then i started standing up for myself. the bullying stopped. but i also had some friends on the bus by that point who had "my back". it's harder if you feel like everyone is against you. it's the whole lemming mentality...too many kids get dragged into bullying just to make sure that they don't get bullied by the real bullies (though many of them end up doing things they really don't want to be doing, sometimes with disastrous outcomes)
Posted By: MvPXxNinja | 2/20/13 6:29 PM
Chianne, you know me and I never knew this about you. Please, if you ever wanna talk tell me :) Oh and dont ask how I found you on here...
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